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Top 5 baby must-haves


Victor is growing up at the speed of sound – it is seriously some scary shit.
Some mornings i feel as if im waking up to a different child than the one i put to bed the previous night. Im also starting to sell out of all his ‘baby things’, because lets face it, he isn’t much of a baby anymore, and i dont plan on getting pregnant again any time soon. Going through all these things i spent money on his first year made me realise aaaaaaaall the stuff i got for no good reason. Some things i haven’t used at all!

So here is a quick list of the top 5 things that made Victors first year a lot easier …

  • Baby nest – The first 4 months of Victors life, our baby nest was pretty much with us everywhere. He slept in it during the day on the sofa, and even for the first while he went into his own bed. We got ours from By Cara, and it was so practical with washable covers.
  • Swaddle – The love to dream swaddle was my saving grace for the first 8 months. Victor wasnt the best sleeper to begin with, and i tried all kinds of swaddles to try and stop him from hitting himself in his sleep. This swaddle was recommended to me by some Dubai mums, and it changed my life!. They are not sold in Denmark (no idea why not), but some danish people i know have ordered them from England. Here is one place you can get them. If you are in Dubai, you can get them on multiple websites.
  • Baby Jogger City Tour – this may not be important to everyone, but to me it has been! It makes travelling soooooo much easier. Total game changer. It can be purchased here in Denmark, and here in Dubai.
  • Baby Brezza formula pro – When Victor went onto being only formula fed, this machine made life so much easier. It prepares formula bottles in 10 seconds – all you have to do is select how many ml’s you need and then press a green button. VOILA! Anyone was able to make a bottle without stressing.  The Baby Brezza was by far my best investment in Victors first year.
  • Baby gate – Our floors in our house are marble, and we felt it was really important to have a secure area for Victor to play in. Somewhere where we could leave him out of sight for 5 minutes, and know he was safe. The only large baby gate i could find was the BabyDan XXL, which i even dragged all the way from Denmark to Dubai.

These things on my list may not be helpfull to all reading this, but hopefully some of you find some inspiration from it 🙂


Lots of love x

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