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Dear Dubai


I dont write much in English anymore, and i’ve received quite a few slaps on the wrist because of that. Recently, it has felt most natural to blog in danish for various reasons, but i will make an effort to be more international in the future – promise 😉

Its been over a month since Victor and i left Dubai. It has been a month full of ups and downs, and i have hardly had a second to breathe. In all honesty, im still totally in over my head, but i’ve been thinking a lot about Dubai the past few days. I lived there almost 3 years, which was what i had planned for us, but i had no idea what would happen in those years.

Dubai is full of surprises. Some good, some bad. Ive said it before, but living in Dubai is TOTALLY different than being on holiday there. No doubt, Dubai has a lot to offer and the opportunities are endless, but there is always a back side to the high-life. I dont think we really knew what we were getting ourselves into when we moved, and looking back i wish we had done our homework a little better. Dubai is known for ‘swallowing you up’, and 3 years quickly turn into 10. People move there thinking that they can ‘save up money’, but i have only met a handfull of people, who have been able to do that comfortably. The Dubai ‘way of life’ is really different to anything else i have experienced, and it can seem really superficial and fake, to a lot of people – which in reality, it is. All that being said, i spent some of the most meaningful years of my life in Dubai, and i will never regret or forget them. We had a lot of fun, and made a lot of memories. Everything from camping in the desert, taking weekend trips to africa, to the birth of my first child. I have met people, who will be part of my life forever – for them i am eternally grateful. They were definitely the best, but also hardest years of my life.

I miss my house, my dog (so so so so much) and my angel in disguise (Magi) who helped me stay sane since having Victor. I miss the amazing friends and mothers i have met, and who helped me survive pregnancy and motherhood, so far away from home and family. I miss the nice cafés, the malls and the sea. I miss morning walks around the Marina, and dune bashing in the desert. I miss being able to order any kind of food to the house any time of day, the amazing level of service everywhere, and spending time with my mummy group. I miss the good times we had as a family.

I dont miss the local mentality, and the far to often un-just treatment of expats. I dont miss the massive divide between upper and lower classes, and the unfair treatment of workers building this concrete jungle. I dont miss the summer months and sandstorms. I dont miss having to drive for ages to get to places, and i definitely dont miss having to pay crazy amounts of money for the most basic things on a daily basis.

All that being said, the city has a very special place in my heart, and i am thankful that i still get to experience the magic, regularly – it will just be in a different way from now on.

Dear Dubai – you were an experience i will never forget, thanks for everything.


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